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version 2.6.1 2004-12-13
Added a new option in Preferences: “Quit Reconnector after first mount and launch”. With this checkbox checked Reconnector will be quit when it has mounted the volumes and launched the appropriate applications.

version 2.6.0 2004-11-22
- Reconnector is now multi-user aware in Mac OS X.
- There's a new Mount Preference called Auto mount with login. This makes the AppleShare login window appear so the user can enter it's own  username/password.
- Reconnector now supports site licenses to make life easier with large installations.
- Fixed a problem where Reconnector didn't understand that an application actually was running. This was true for Acrobat 5.
- Fixed a similar problem with the Quit all startup items at function.
- It is now possible to sort both the StartupItems list and the Volumes list using the up/down arrows to the left of the fields.

version 2.5.1 2004-11-08
- Support for transparent window.
- DMG-files can be used as Startup items.
- New improved, integrated support for Startup items. See the Read me file more more details.
- Startup items are now a part of a Configuration. This opens up new ways of using Reconnector. Reconnector is the ideal launcher of applications and server volumes in backup computers. One backup computer can host as a backup for several other computers and Reconnector can have one Configuration for each backuped computer. If the backed up computer is down - just start Reconnector with the appropriate Configuration.
- Auto activation, a new preference which makes sure that Reconnector always is activated.
- Better support for US-timeformat.

version 2.1.2 2004-03-11
- The time field in Preferences is now larger to give space for US time format.
- Validation of timeformat was done even if Don't shutdown or restart was choosen.
- Added a time format example to make things easier.

version 2.1.1 2004-03-11
A bug could stop the preferences from being saved. If you have downloaded 2.1 download 2.1.1 immediately. The preferences was saved if a SMTP password was entered. If not no preferences was saved.

version 2.1 2004-03-04
Totally revised code regarding Startup Items. This includes better support for Applications packages. Reconnector Startup Items are now completely dynamic. You can add or remove items from it without needing to Deactivate/Activate it. If an alias to a document or folder points to a server volume then then that document or folder will be reopened when the volume reappears.

If you click on the small icon in the upperleft corner of the Reconnector main window then Reconnectors application folder will open up in the Finder. Practical when you want to check out the Reconnector Startup Items.

New menu command:  In the File-menu there's a command, 'Quit all startup items', with which you can tell all applications started by Reconenctor to be quit.

There's a new preference in the Restart tab of the Preferences window: You can choose to Quit all applications ,that have been started by Reconnector, at a certain time. This is a nice feature since applications might leak memory and restarting them frees allocated memory.

There's a new tab in Preferences called Email. Here you can enter an address to a SMTP server and optionally username and password (this only needed if the mail server requires authentication). You choose to have mail sent to one or many mail addresses when a volume reappears and/or disappears. The mail address should be in the form:  username@domain.com. If you need to enter more then one user then separate them with a comma.

If you want one of the startup item applications to be kept in the foreground, then just rename the alias in the Reconnector Startup Items folder so that the name of the alias begins with ! (exclaimation mark). This is very practicall especially if you are using Mac OS 8 or 9 since applications in the foreground normally runs substantially faster then when it is in running in the background.

Reconnector 2.1 is prepared for an coming product from Infomaker: Infomaker Console.

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